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Bob Baldwin

John : your comment is NOTED about the fact that there is NOT much difference between Chassis brands to affect the AVERAGE CLUB RACER . Not sure at WHAT level one becomes an ABOVE average club racer ,I guess that is a matter of Interpretation .

As I wander through the pits at karting events I tend to keep my eye out for things New and Different and ask a lot of Questions . Sometimes I get the feeling that people are looking back at me as a little Different LOL

I did NOT know that the Italians were considered the leading country as far as CNC machining went .

surprisingly if you dig a little further into Kart MFG it is surprising the ” AFFILIATION ” some kart MFG have with the Aerospace industry . either a Division of or whose parent holding has a link to the aerospace industry .

as relates to your last paragraph You would think that some with-in the Karting community would have formed like a Co-Op for purchasing Quality Insurence a better rates . Not sure HOW that might have been able to help karters with ZONING issues as that is pretty much a local Challenge .

Not trying to KNOCK any other country but take Germany which has a reputation for QUALITY Machining Mach 1 karts are made there from people that have seen them the Quality is Outstanding .

CZEK ? spelling Republic as example makes MS karts again Quality MFG and ironicly they are a division of a MAJOR aerospace / Defense contractor .

In the UK 2 brands that come to mind are Gillard and Wright Karts which were the choice of Jenson Button and Dan Wheldon RIP in their formative karting days

from those that I have seen and from WHAT others have told me the above mentioned QUALITY is quite apparent and with-in say european countries do quite well from kids karts up to the KF classes .

other than a Gillard Kart I just don’t see any of the other karts mentioned above here in the USA