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Bob Baldwin

john: you certainly raise some INTERESTING points . I am curious to ask if either you or anyone else reading this topic has attended any type Kart shows in Europe . HOW they may be different than what had been known as the KMI  show .?

most of us have the perception that ” TRADE SHOWS ” are all about networking and marketing . Not on this NEW EKN forum but on the old one ,occasionally the european KART trade shows were mentioned I really am curious if they are any different .

As bad as it gets for new karters to make choices as to the “BRAND ” to go with ,the universal answer is ” GO with the Brand that is SUPPORTED in your area ” still does NOT make sense to those who CHOOSE to be a little DIFFERENT lol !!

I guess I tend to RESEARCH things too much ! The TOP 4 or 5 brands always seem to have various GRADES of Quality within there product line Just as example take Tony kart a Quality product ,but they also own MFG Kosmic to me seems like a LESSER grade of karts I am talking from a pricepoint NOT Quality of Build here WHY IS THAT ?

Then you have the FA kart , the Lewis Hamilton kart , the “Lotus kart built by Wildkart ” and the list does go on . Though I do have a problem remembering WHEN a lewis Hamilton Kart won a National event here in the USA lol .OOPS can’t forget ” ZANARDI ” karts either

I am NOT sure I ever got an answer on this question but “WHY” are a vast majority of karts built in Italy ? does it have anything to do with Italian Govt Economic Subsidies ? Gosh I miss the days of the “LOUNGE ” when questions like this could be asked and the likes of TOM JENSEN could be reguarded as ” FACTUAL MATTER” lol!!!

Probably a VAST MAJORITY of karters DON’t even realize that Many of the KART MFG’s are a division of other Industrial Corp Companies . Products like MS kart and Praga Kart come to mind .

So now we are at the point where the Kart trade shows are considered Glorified Swap Meets ? I am just NOT buying into that notion . I continue to hope that the SHOW presently planned is a Huge Success . But also buy into my point that at the Larger karting events like the Super Nat’s a Display area of Karting Products would be a Success .