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Russ Kemple

Dan, Lyle, Bob,

The Winter Kart Show (http://www.Winterkartshow.com) is Sunday, January 26th 2014.  We have set-up and Vendor’s only show on Saturday.  There is a BIG racing show in Indy on Saturday and lots of  helmet and parts vendors can’t make both days.  The one day show seems to work best.  I think a 10 X 10 was $175.00 and a 20 X 20 was $250.00.  50% was all NEW items, 25% was Series and Track info and 25% was SWAP.  We have 40,000 square feet.    I plan to update the website soon, right now getting ready for the Route66 race at Mid-State.   Right now Laukaitis, VKP, Kartlift, Streeter, Margay, Top Kart, Franklin have all given verbal commitments to display new products.   FYI, last year we had an Indy Car and a local NASCAR driver’s cars on display.  It was fun.