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Russ Kemple

I invented the Winter Kart Show as an alternative to the KMI show.  I thought it would provide a place for the karters to see what’s new.  We moved into a very nice facility with room for everyone.  I made the booths very cheap in hope to attract the entire karting community.  Each year since I started this we have doubled in size.  I hope this next year is just as successful.  I attend the PRI show every year with hope to speak with Vendors about the Winter Kart Show, the PRI is for Industry Professionals only.  Not open to the public.  Last year with NO KART race saw almost no kart displays.  I was told by vendors that paid for both shows that the Winter Kart Show was a better venue for the price.  We had close to 1000 karters walk through our door that bought items vs 50,000 non-karters who were not interested.