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Bob Baldwin

Peter / Tim  : Does your Group / Business display at the Mid-West show ? If NOT where do you display at ?

Please don’t get me wrong I am NOT trying to tell anyone how to run their group / Business . It just appears to me that that ” KARTERS ” by themselves just do NOT draw enough attention to themselves by NOT displaying at certain events .

Take VEGAS as an example , full of GLITZ , GlAMOUR etc ; Do you think that the average Vegas resident is going to say ” OH the Super Nats are in town we have to go see this ” or the average guy at the annual ” MUK LUK Trade show in Vegas gives a RATS AXX about karts and would SHOW -UP at the event . Sadly WE as KARTERS are our OWN WORST ENEMY .

WHY should we not be displaying at the Super Nats or any of the 5-6 large karting events annually staged ? YES I realize VERY MUCH that there is NOT ANY/MANY national business’s involved in karting . No Dis-respect to anyone but it just seems to me that everytime we bought part , service , Karts , it was from MOM and POP type of business’s . If you did NOT see an AD on EKN or SEE someone at the track the average potential karter doesn’t know we exist .

I’ve tried to get people involved to participate at the Nascar/Indy events , But I am of the mindset that the Tracks could give a hoot about karters and only about the derived income . Starting to go off on a tangent here so WHAT is the real REASON karters are NOT displaying their wares at BIG Karting events . ? IS it the TRACK ? Sanctioning Body ? The Property owner ? I would like to hear anyones Response , I just Ain’t buying the reason It Cost to much to sell my stuff at a Karting Event .