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Mike Clark

I am just following up on this post.

I just raced my 3rd race. I had clutch problems all day, which was discouraging. What was encouraging is that I really feel I was starting to “get it” at the end of the race. In one corner in particular I finally felt the kart working. I felt the kart rotate early on turn in and was barely braking or turning the wheel to get through the corner. The kart cornered more smoothly.

It reminded of first learning to get up on water skis or how a boat feels to be up on plane vs trying to get up on plane. When I got the kart the front wheels were all the way in. I started moving them out.

I drove someones kart the week before for some laps. That helped also.

I DNF’d right before the end of the main but managed to coast into the pit & push to the scale shed. I qualified 4th, .400 off of the pole .

Currently local seat time is the core of the plan.