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Jon Romenesko

I did a two- day school at Bondurant, and i’d say it was well worth the money.  I went with them because of the relative closeness (Arizona), and the fact that I was able to get one-on-one time with <i>the</i> legend (and great guy) Alan Rudolph.  I learned so much in those two days about how karts drive than I think I ever have since, and it was an awesome experience all around.


I would definitely recommend getting some good seat time in before investing.  I went with ~1 year (probably less) seat time under my belt, and I probably could have benefited from having a little more experience in karts before hand.  You know, having the fundamentals down pretty well so you’re not spending school time on that, and can focus on some more advanced things.  Karts are a bit goofy to drive if you’re coming from cars, so its a good idea to get a decent handle on the way they…handle before you try to refine your technique.  With that said, Bondurant took huge chunks out of my lap times.


If I could do it over again, I would want to have some relatively competitive times at home, spend some time/money on a local coach, and then head to the professional school.

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