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Rob Kozakowski

Gary’s absolutely right – listen to everyone when they say support is key for a beginner.

Whether it’s 30, 30/32, 32, red, black, green, orange, blue, purple, etc., any newer chassis can win in the right hands – there really aren’t many “bad” karts.  It really won’t be until you get enough experience behind the seat that you MIGHT be able to tell what suits you better, and how to tune the chassis to work best for you.

Everyone could chime in, and tell you their preference and why, but end of the day, you won’t be any further ahead because everyone will prefer something different for a different reason.  The only thing to really pay attention to is what will get you the best support as a beginner.

It sounds to me like you have a lot of choices, which is fortunate.  My advice would be to talk to the different dealers, and see who you feel most comfortable with and go with them over going with a particular brand of kart.