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Ambrose Buldo

While I’ve not used the software at the track yet, I look forward to using it next season.  I fully understand the concept of “Aligninging it” to your carb and engine combo.  We will take the time to do it right.  Impressed with the software so far, and if it works out, would like to get their setup package as well and get rid of my paper notes as I have laptop at track almost always.

Right now I am still frustrated with the Carb “Over Rev Issue” I discuss a few threads below. I can’t use Jet-Tech until I get it resolved.

Here is a recap:

It is a near new newer style Rotax installed on my Intrepid Kart

Issue: At end  of straight when over 12000 rpm I let off throttle, the revs don’t drop immedatly, in fact revs feels like it continues to climb a bit. I have driven 2 other Rotax Karts on same day, they don’t have this issue.

I’ve tried main jet from 153 to 165, no help

I’ve had carb rebuilt and ultrasonicially cleaned no help

Power valve was rebuilt, no help

It is not foot, elbow throttle cable interferiance

Throttle pedal not binding

Tried new spark plug

Put good known working carb on and problem persisted

Installed new throttle, cap, sleeve and rubber gasket under throttle cap

Made sure carb was pushed in well

Fuel Pump Rebuilt

Installed new carb clamps

Installed new carb to air box socket

Perplexing is that issue persisted with another carb.    Maybe its the Carb slide or something to do with the reeds?  Any ideas?  At this point gong to have to wait till next season.