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Peter Zambos

Mike, we’ve had nothing but good results with Jet-Tech.  We did not go with their weather station.  Sadly, I can’t remember what we went with and I don’t live with the kart.  Maybe my dad will chime back in.  The thing to remember is that the software is only as good as you calibrate it, so pay attention to the directions. At best, you’ll need three practice session, but, more than likely, you’ll need a good portion of a day’s practice.  Since we’re still old school, and like to check plug color, too, I’d recommend lapping a while per session and coming into the pit fairly hot, so that you know you’re plug color is accurate.  Of course, stop watch, throttle feel and your ears will also help.  With Jet-Tech’s help, very soon we would show up on a morning and say things to each other like, “this feels like a 158 morning.”