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Bob Baldwin

Jim: Yes there is much benefit to be derived from having the support angle around . In our case we entered with a kart ” CORSA ” that really had NO support in Florida . It actually came with assembly instructions but no info on Chassis tuning . Quite honestly I would NOT recomend going that route for a newbie . Again the first few times we ran it was almost embarrassing . What we ended up doing was Practice Practice Practice  Test Test Test and took a lot of notes . LOL Surprisingly after a few months things started coming together and we were able to figure out some of the advantages of having done the testing and practice .

Now at that time podiums were attainable and did occur which in itself was very rewarding But the obvious difference was the guys that always seemed to be on the top step were guys that  had 5 years more driving experience than us and were affiliated with TOP teams that had engine and chassis tuners somewhat at their disposal . I’m NOT saying anything is wrong with people who choose to go that route as to me that is a matter of economics .

Yet there was MUCH satisfaction derived from being an UNDERDOG or being in a Davy Vs Goliath situation that made the REWARDS much more Satisfying .

Keep in mind that this was pretty much a Regional thing , When we went to a NATIONAL event we pretty much got our Butts in a Sling . I’m NOT saying it doesn’t happen anymore but usually the trend seems to be that at National events the Podium guys usually arrive after emerging from a Major team “TENT ” . Hey IF YOU GOT THE $$$ More power to you .

somewhat going back to my original topic there are kart MFG’s in Europe with a STRONG presence there but do NOT have any importers or dealers here . YET you can buy their product have it shipped over here and do your own thing . The way the internet system is now you can almost punch in any question you have and get a REAL QUICK reply .

On balance doing the vast amount of testing we did I am NOT SURE if in fact we had SAVED any money as opposed to hiring a Great TUNER or being one of the other as you say “Million” red , green , or black kart and operating under their tent so to say .But I will repeat the results were more satisfying when we did well . Glad to hear there are more tinkerers out there . We will be getting back into it again but I am POSITIVE it won’t be a RED , Green , Black or Orange  Kart .