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Jim Derrig

Juan and Tim are not correct.  The part number for all digital ignition selectra systems is the same.  As long as you have a key start ignition (which you do), it will fit either model of motor.

The 09 uses the same key start ignition as the 08.  It isn’t the 09/08 difference that’s the problem, it is that the analog (box) and digital (key start) systems are not the same.   If you have the key start ignition, it will fit an 08 and an  09 and either motor will run fine with it.

These two ignition systems will fit either engine model just fine with no modifications.  You just can’t swap parts between the two ignition systems.  For example, I recently forgot that little fact and bolted my key-start Selectra onto an older engine without swapping out the old-style stator.  Didn’t run so good.  Three minutes later–2 to swap out the stator and 1 to kick myself in the rear–it ran like a charm.