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Brian Degulis

It might having something to do with a bad economy but there’s definitely been a shift in attitude over the last 30 years and it’s gotten much worse in the last 5. Years ago you had deadbeats on the consumer side but business to business deadbeats were rare. Most wouldn’t let it happen because you understood what it was like to get stiffed and you didn’t do it to someone else. Today it’s more acceptable. The workplace today is much safer than it was 30 years ago but disability claims are up 40%. Half of the people in this country are getting some sort  of Gov. subsidy. Food stamps are at an all time high. People buy homes they can’t afford and when the economy tanks it’s the lenders fault. I grew up poor but my dad would have slit his wrists before taking the Gov. cheese. That was reserved for the woman with kids who’s husband died of a heart attack and she needed a year to sort it out. Disability was for the person stricken to a wheel chair not a guy with a soar back and a good lawyer. In this environment it’s much easier to rationalize not paying your bills. Today we glorify the takers and vilify the makers.

I don’t want to sound like some bitter guy ranting about the good old days because I’m not. Things are good today and most people still have a sense of honor and pride. I’m not sure if that will be the case 20 years down the road.</div>