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Tim Koyen

Actually, as long as it’s true, I don’t see anything legally wrong with naming names.  Although I’d consider it a last resort for businesses.  I did have a guy a number of years ago that was into me for $4-5k and wouldn’t pay or take my calls.  After quite a long time, I called him out on bob’s 4 cycle forum.  He went nuts over it, but I got a ton of emails from other people he owed money to that were afraid to say anything.  One of our fellow karters was in Collections and offered to collect for me if I made him a deal on a KartLift.  Apparently it worked, because I got a good deal of my merchandise back.

Ultimately it was quite a sad story though, because my customer was having a bunch of health problems and ended up having a nervous breakdown and a short time later passed away.  Unfortunately this guy could’ve saved himself a ton of stress if he had only told me and his other vendors what was going on.  I know I would’ve called the dogs off until he could right his ship if I had only known, but he wouldn’t talk to me or anyone, then got mad when we needed to be paid.

I have a heart, but I’m not the March of Dimes.  I have bills to pay to vendors who also have bills to pay.  Kart stands don’t come like Manna from heaven, they come from steel, sweat, and vendors, all of which need to be paid for.

Time to make a few collection calls.

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