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Andrew Pachon

Hey Jason, thanks for the wise words. I am in San Diego and I know that there was a kart shop up in Oceanside but they went under. I swung by the local SDKA races at Qualcomm and met some really cool people who run shifters so that is another bonus. My friend and I will add two more to the shifter mix in SD.

I did see a new/newer Intrepid and it does look pretty damn slick. I raced motorcycles and knew about keeping them showroom clean as then you will more easily notice a change.

I will let my friend know about the price of the Intrepid kart. That is a really good price for a new chassis.

Thanks for the heads up on the Ceramic brakes. How often do ceramic rotors go through pads in comparison to Steels? I am sure the ceramic accompanying pads cost more than the steel pads.

Lastly, thanks for the info on DR parts being a direct and cheaper option to CRG parts on CRG Karts.