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Mike Clark


I live about 10 mins from what may be on of the nicer kart tracks in the U. S. It has grass and is highly configurable. There are a few spots going off looks scary. Last couple of weeks going off made a real mess, looks like the kart was covered in grass and dirt. So in ways I would welcome the parking lot. I didn’t even go off track and had to deal with it. Drainage also can be a problem.

What is more of a problem is having people with the time to embrace the newcomers that are interested and can’t make sense of all the variances in classes and procedures at the track.

What I have also seen in many activities is many people want way more than they are willing to pay for. This makes it prohibitive.

I hate to say it but be grateful you have some local tracks that are sustainable. Not having a local track is probably the biggest hurdle for many would be karters. Not being able to put a dollar amount on cost is also a hurdle.

I also shoot rifles. Not having any place to shoot past 200 yds (short range) is a big issue for many. Mid range is 600 yds and is rare. Long range is a real luxury.

Just another take on it.