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Kelly Read

Being a part of the KART family who helps promote our organization & races, THANK YOU TO ALL who attended!!!!!!!! Even with the economy, we still had a good number of entries (at least we are happy).

Friday was perfect, Sat/Sun was cool in the morning but tolarable but come race time (noon), not bad at all in this man’s opinion. Wind did kind of get old though!!!!

Congrats to all the CHAMPIONS!!  For the rest, don’t feel bad as I didn’t win either. Come to think of it, I didn’t even finish!!!!!   Ran out of fuel on Saturday on the last lap and on Sunday was in the middle of a mad scramble at turn 5 on the first lap and had to pull in due to mechanical problems.  Even with this, I still came home happy as Brad won 2 and Jim won one after a few years from winning last (think he had my motor!!!). POOR Lindsay didn’t have a good weekend at all as she couldn’t get her laydown around the track (thats been fixed with a new kart) and her Tag,  she had to go off track to avoid a spinner in one class and in another class she and Sam Linhardt gave HPT there first 4 legged fatility by both of them hitting a cat as they were going through the s’s at the end of the front straight but at least she was fast both days.  HPT even has pics of this on there web site (http://www.hpt.com). Check out #327, 328, 329.

As for results/pics/mylaps.  Pictures can be found at http://www.hpt.com. Click on “Media”, click on “2013 Road track cycles & karts”, click on “10-5-2013 KART nationals. Results are up above and on the KART web (http://www.kart.org).  Times should have been posted on the KART web by clicking on event results next to HPT over in the red yearly schedule box on the home page but for some reason they don’t show. We have people working on this. Keep checking.

THANKS AGAIN and have a wonderful off season. We look forward in seeing all the racers back on the track in 2014.