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Johnny West

I would like to thank the KART folks for putting on the race. These folks really care about the racer.

As far as the Superkart race. There were 5 Superkarts there. 1 Twin 1 CR and 3 Gas Gas

Qualifling went well. Times were pretty slow. Scotty and I were in the 1.40’s Lowenstine 1.45 Ardy 1.45 Joey 1.51

Since the turn out was thin for the class West Racing decided not to put on Fresh tire for the race. Well….. That was not such a good idea. It was a hand full trying to keep the kart on the track let alone get a fasrt lap in. Scotty had the rod let go on the 3rd lap he was out, Joey and I had tires go flat 1 lap to the checker,I think Lowenstine just came in as his tires were gone, Ardy finshed and that was it.

Ardy and Lowenstine were not able to run sunday, Scotty did not have an engine to run, So Joey and I decided not to run either. We talked to Kelly and said we were going to head back to Chicago, this way maybe they could use the time slot.

We told Kelly to keep the Traid’s for next year perhaps we can earn one then. As far as running the Superkarts with another class. At this point speaking for myself. I am just thankful we have a place to run. Sure it’s nice to have the “USSK” format. However you have to look at the whole picture. If you got 5 guys there in no reason they can not run along with other classes. We must do what is best for the clubs or we won’t have any clubs. I am not giving up on Superkarts mind you. Just looking at the reality of where it is at today.

Thanks again for having us to your event. We will be back again.

West Racing
Johnny West