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Kelly Read


Do you have something other then a Leopard you plan on running?? If you just have a Leopard, there are 3 races for a Leopard not counting the 40+ class to race. Of course there are other classes but, we must be realistic if you know what I mean.

The kart count over the past 2 years for the SPRINT TAG SR. class had dwindled way down and the input we received from the KART racers are the reasons for not having it (SPRINT TAG SR.)  both days as in the past. The racers who run KART are who we listen to 1st (mean nothing bad towards anyone else) as far as what classes to run.  Biggest thing we hear is that they want to race against a LARGE FIELD!!  I must agree with this as if it is a NATIONAL, I want to run against several and the best and hope to win or finish high.