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Kelly Read


We have no issue with adding LOCAL OPTION classes as long as it doesn’t create to many reaces per day (No 8+ races a day for sure, been there done that – sucks).  YOU give me class names, rules, sponsorship and make sure that there are entries other then our regulars (including yourself)  I AM IN!!!  

As for 80 shifters, we don’t have but a few 80’s here in our area and 2 only wanted to run 1 day and the other went to the Open & A-limited classes so they had people to race against.  

Off the top of my head (ouch), as far as NATIONAL LEVEL classes, I believe probably the only one I can think of is a  SPRINT STOCK HONDA class KART does not have that would be a good class to add. YOU must remember, LAYDOWNS are still a big thing back here in our area. ALSO, with the economy, very few people can afford to race more then once per day.

As for 125 shifters, thinking about a dozen or so. all are quick!!!

As for our Unlimited and the Superkart classes. I had talked to everyone who is/has ran our Unlimited class before putting the schedule together. 1st, we added a L.O. Sat Unlimited due to the B-Stocker group from the East are coming and IF any others who can run this class did show, they had 2 places to race. 2nd, The few Unlimited racers (250 gearbox) we have, want to race with the Superkarts and the Superkarts only want to run with the Superkarts so there is no crossover anyway.

If my kids can run 5 classes EACH with 2 karts, you can!!!!!!

Did I answer questions??