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Chris Hegar

That worked, thanks Jeff. I had to go to your history to see your post then followed your directions to get here. I highly doubt many are going to see this but hey others might be used to this thing.

Linda thanks for the response. I’ve also been a part of many schedules for karting from local races to nationals. IMO I’d still separate Unlimited away from USSK just in case one of them decides to run both or a guy just needs a few practice laps to prep for the other. After all it looks like it’s a one time all you can race fee same as we do here. If a guy runs he burns fuel, parts, tires, ect which all equals $ from sales back into karting and clubs in addition to individual fun from driving. We all go for it if the option is there once were at a track. I’d imagine it’s no big deal to move Unlimited in with something like 125 middle of the day.

I also see only one place to run a tag motor that isn’t a Leopard, why? How is that going to attract runners? 1 day racing Friday on your Fireball and your going home, dude you gotta give more options. I can see trying to keep class numbers limited but your offering the classes anyway so give a guy 3 try’s at a trophy in 3 days. Sprint tag senior Fri, Sat & Sun will draw more runners and make the ones you already have happier.