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Linda Baldus

“I’m also confused at why your offering the Unlimited class at 3:15 Sat then the Superkarts run at 4:15. You would be better off putting more time in between those 2 races so a person who blows to pieces in Unlimited could have time to fix his rig and still make the Superkart Pre-final. Same with Sunday, they need more time between them for repairs. More entries=$$$ for the club and more fun for the runners.”

I’m sure that Kelly will answer your question re:  Hegar sponsoring, etc. but to answer this one since Mike was the RD when the USSK guys started coming to KART’s NC @ HPT, we tried changing the schedule in the hopes that they would run the other class too but they are basically interested in running their class(es) only.  And they want to be the first class on Sunday because some of them travel quite a ways to get to our event and would like to be on the road home ASAP.

When you put on these events, these are the things you have to deal with!

Keep on kartin'. llb
Raymore, MO