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Chris Hegar

Same problem as last year and the year before that. Open moto runs only once a day and no stock moto classes. 80cc is offered but it’s at the same time as open moto and only once. We could round up 80’s but not if it runs at the same time as open shifter. Tag is not our bag and laydown stuff requires motors/cars we no longer run. I also don’t see 125 laydown designated as a class so we can’t run a situp shifter there either and were not entering Unlimited with a cik 125, the track is to long. If some day you guys modify or add the classes to accommodate what’s being offered on a more national level we can look at going after a cool Triad but to drive that far for 1 class per day isn’t going to get us in the truck and yes I know we have had this conversation before.

My question is, if Hegar sponsored a stock moto or another couple of Open 125 shifter 3 & 4 (Sprint 125 shifter) classes would you guys allow them to run for a Tirad? Aiming for 2 places per day to run an open 125 not just 1 time per day. 4 runs in a weekend can get us moving in that direction I think and probably stimulate others into attending. I’d also ask how many open 125’s you see at this race? I know you have some quick shifter customers in that area.

I’m thinking next year now, it’s to late to do anything in 2013.