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Kelly Read

The 2013 K.A.R.T./MARRS – RUSSELL KARTING SPECIALTIES roadrace event and entry forms are now on the KART web site (http://www.kart.org). After logging on, go to the RED box to the right side and scroll down to HPT then click on “Entry form”.  Be sure to look at the entry form that has “SUPERKARTS”. The other entry form is for all other classes. 

FYI,    On the SUPERKART entry, it has the prices of the pit passes.  As a reminder, there is 1 DRIVER pass included in the entry.

Credit cards will be accepted.

Will not be allowed into the pit area until 5:00pm on Thursday. Remember, we have pit spots reserved for class sponsors so be sure to check with myself or Maysha before going down on the lower level.

Any questions, contact myself (316-218-3645, donnaandkelly@hotmail.com), KART office (918-283-1877) or Jim Edgington (316-305-8361)