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johnny brooks

That carb does not look like its been modified for pump around. No return tube visible.  What does the fuel pump look like…can you post a picture of it.

No you can’t run a float bowl carb at a 45 angle….needs to be vertical with bowl on the bottom.

Oakland Valley is a dirt oval I think….do they even have a class for a shifter?

If you end up running sprint or road race you will need to move that radiator, too.

Sprint and road race have pretty specific rules. You will need to know the year of your motor….specifically the cylinder, head, and ignition.

Find where you can run, talk to people at the track, get a rule book.

Have you driven a shifter kart before? You say you are new to karting. A shifter is not exactly a ‘beginner’s ride’.

Go here and scroll down for diagram of how pump around works:


Hope that helps.