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Thanks for all the advice.  I was already planning to move the radiator, its there because the mount I got from Sharkshifter was completely wrong. It will only be in the back for the shakedown run.

If a KT100 (there’s no such thing as a KT125) seemed slow “down low” that probably was because you were not carrying enough speed into the corner. A competition kart, and really any open wheeler, will have a much higher entry speed than that tin top you’ve been driving. .

I actually didn’t get to drive it on the track. So admittedly it was out of its element. It did feel decent between 20-30 mph. But some of my karts life is going to be spent on private roads up north so low to mid speed acceleration is of importance to me.

The e30 may be a tin top but I haven’t found a modern chassis that can even compare to the neutrality in oversteer the e30 has. I could safely teach anyone to drift in the snow with an e30. I digress though :)

Does anyone have advice on how to make my intake fit. If the integrated intake coupling (on the outside if the reed cage) is facing towards the center of the chassis my seat brace is in the way of attaching  any sort of intake filter to the carb. But if I flip the coupling to point away from the chassis I can’t have the carb vertical it hits the crankcase. It would have to be angled which I now know won’t work. I’m sure someone else has had this problem. I’ll post pictures of the exact setup once I get home in a few hours.