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Jim Derrig

I have driven my friends kt125 eagle kart. Not the same I know, but I love to race so I should be ok. (and it was too slow, especially down low) Can a shifter power-slide on MG reds in a hairpin or slow sweeper? How fast are these things? Motor is a cr125 ’95 head stock porting, ’99 ignition, RLV 4 exhaust, Wisco piston.

How fast is a 125 shifter?  Well, my Skip Barber instructor said he thought the next step up from a shifter is an Indy car.  Regardless of whether he was exaggerating, it’s several levels of performance ahead of that E30 you’ve been auto crossing.

If a KT100 (there’s no such thing as a KT125) seemed slow “down low” that probably was because you were not carrying enough speed into the corner.  A competition kart, and really any open wheeler, will have a much higher entry speed than that tin top you’ve been driving.  For example, a 2.5 g mid corner transient is common in a kart and all but unachievable in a modified street car.   It’s a 2-stroke so you are not going to power your way out of a corner with low end torque.  Rather, you’ll carry way more speed into the turn and get on the throttle much earlier because the grip is so much higher and because you need to keep the revs up.

Can you “power slide” it?  Oh yea.  But be careful.  The polar moment of yaw inertia in these things is almost zero, so it will spin almost on a thought.