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Roger Miller

The bottom nipple is just a drain.  doesn’t have to connect to anything.  Doesn’t look like a pumparound as it is missing the port for the return pump.  The other thing, pumparounds have no floats so if you have floats still in the carb, then for sure it isn’t a pump around.

The tubes you have shown are all vents.  The two ports that stick out sideways, may or may not be blind.  Meaning, they may not be drilled through.  If they are, then you need another hose wrapped with the ones you have already to control slosh out of those holes  Run a hose from one port, over the top of the carb, to the other port and cut a small hole at the highest point to open that hose to atmosphere.

Usually, we run two tubes for the 4 vents.  like I describe above.  Both just connect a port from one side to the other and then we snip a hole in the area where it is highest above the carb.  So one less hose, and all 4 venting ports covered.

Depending on where you run, you likely also have to update the rear bumper to a full width bumper.  Check Bergfelt bumpers online or contact a local shop that can assist you with proper fitting.