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Thanks for the tip on carb angle. So it may not be a pump around I thought it was because of the lines on top crossing left to right. None the less my question still stands.  What do I do with the brown tube pointing down from the top; as well as the tube extending past the bottom of the carb. Where does the nipple on the bottom float portion have to connect too? I assume there’s a post or article that explains this but I can’t seem to find it.

Oakland Valley Race Park is the name, It’s right next to the speedway I think though. The track looks nice, perhaps a little bumpy.

I haven’t ever driven a shifter kart before, but I have been road racing/autocrossing for a few years now. My track car is a  e30 325i with a bored eta2.7. I love it but road racing is another level of expense, even compared to karting. (which I’m learning isn’t too cheap either starting out) . I have driven my friends kt125 eagle kart. Not the same I know, but I love to race so I should be ok. (and it was too slow, especially down low)

Can a shifter power-slide on MG reds in a hairpin or slow sweeper? How fast are these things?  Motor is a cr125 ’95 head stock porting, ’99 ignition, RLV 4 exhaust, Wisco piston.