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Thanks fellas I appreciate the concern.

Your question about the carb angle shows you have a limited knowledge of mechanics and your admitted inexperience of driving a kart are adding up to potential disaster.

You shouldn’t be so quick to judge. You don’t always know the skill level of a new member.  I actually work at the BMW VDC in New Jersey. My job is to finish prepping cars ordered through the BMW Individualization program. Most of the cars I prep are M’s and quite a few I install Dinan accessories on. I have to shake them all down before I sign off to have them shipped to dealers. I also have had training with BMW instructors at Lime Rock. I know your all driving enthusiasts as well, and that’s why I’m excited to join your community. Suffice to say I can take care of myself just fine though.

Despite what I do for a living, I really don’t know anything about 2 stroke engines. And I’m too young to remember carbureted vehicles. Hence my question. I’ve since looked up the operation of float carbs. very simple and efficient.

I figured out my intake problem by relocating the seat brace. Thanks for all the help I’ll be sure to post a reaction thread when I go for a ride.