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Eric Alexander

“I will look at the smoothness of the RPM trace throughout the corners. However, I don’t know how this will help. I try to drive smooth every corner and every lap. Maybe looking at the data will clear that up??”

I’m a big fan of looking over data from my sessions.  I like to overlay various laps against my best lap and see where time is lost and gained.  Typically, time lost is due to pushing too much and having to over-correct.  This typically means lifting the throttle  and shows in the data as larger on/off spikes during cornering.  My fastest laps typically have less of these corrections.

One can also see how much speed you’re carrying in the corners.  Again, overlaying laps can help you analyse your cornering technique for consistancy.  And when looking at straight-away speed, go back and look at the previous corner to analyze the apex and exit.  Getting used to doing this can help you see  where you’re inconsistant and what the potential ideal lap looks like. 

I don’t spend alot of time on the data during a day’s sessions.  But rather go over later when I’m able to sit and shift through it.