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Todd Kageals

Here’s what I did……I centered the steering by measuring from the rear axle to the center of the spindle on each side.  I found the point where these distances were equal and marked the steering shaft (I assume this was the best way to find the steering center).  Next I checked the toe on each side using the exactoe2.  I adjusted to 1 mm of toe out on each side.  Next I rotated the spindle extenders so that the toe blocks were in the vertical position to check the camber.  Here’s the thing……as far as I can tell, there is no way to adjust the camber.  I thought maybe the bolt was an eccentric so I loosened the nut and rotated it but nothing changed.  There is currently about 1.5 degrees of camber (not sure if it’s positive or negative but the tires lean in at the top) on each side.