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Todd Kageals


That was you in the blue super kart (at least I think that’s what you call it)?  We already did what you said at the track.  I switched back to the short hubs.  I currently have them all the way at the last line to get close to the 46″ I found in some CRG setup guide I pulled off the web.  Even at max width, it’s significantly narrower that it was with those long hubs.  I put them on to try to get a similar width to my GP10 which has a similar king pin spacing but still has a much wider track.  I’m basically shooting in the dark here without a setup guide.  I’d love to have anything related to the Blizzard as I can’t find anything on line.  Even the Hasse website failed to list the Blizzard in the “support” section.  I guess it’ s only their current stuff that’s listed there.  Any contacts you have related to the Blizzard are much appreciated.  You going to be at Summitt Point in September?