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Chris Reinhardt

Guys, I have two karts. One is a GP10 and the other is a Hasse Blizzard. My father and I drive the two karts. The Hasse wore out a front tire on the inside edge at the last race. There were relatively few laps on the tires. The GP10 probably has 3x the number of laps on the same tires and they still look great. I’d like to check the alignment on the Haase. There are no kart shops anywhere close to me and I don’t own a sniper. Is there anyway to do it without spending a bunch of money.

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Todd, I’m the fellow… First thing is take those long hubs off the front of that Haase!!!!  That will exaggerate the negative camber.  You don’t have the pills, just the bushings top and bottom.   I always shot for dead zero on the toe, they say +1mm without driver.  The Blizzard always wore in the inside of the tires, you should be able to get a weekend out of a set, then dismount and flip them inside out…

Let me look, I remember having the seat location from Haase, I don’t think I had the setup guide.  You can also send an email to Jorn in Italy, his wife usually responds, tell them you know me, they are really nice people…

I use the exact toe also, best thing since sliced  bread!!!!


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