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Todd Kageals

Without getting into a lengthy description, lets just say that I am fairly confident the steering was centered.  I now have about 1mm of toe out on both sides and about 1.5 degrees of negative camber on both wheels.  I’m pretty sure I don’t have those pills.  Thanks for the pictures, they were helpful.  I think I have a non-adjustable setup as all I see is a washer under the head of the king pin bolt.  I ran into a fellow at the last race who said the blizzard was his all time favorite chassis and that he would not add pills or anything to it.  He said just to align it and adjust the front track which was apparently way too wide.  I’m shocked by how much toe in it had when all the setup guides say 0 or 1-3mm of toe OUT.  Anyway…..it’s adjusted as indicated above and that matches the setup that was already on my GP10 (I verified the alignment on it too but it was already good as far as I could tell.  Although not alignment related, it’s interesting that the setup guide I found recommended 46 inches a good front track width with which to start.  The GP won’t go below 48 and the Haase is maxed out at 46 (at least that’s the last of the adjustment lines on the spindles).  Does that make sense?