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Robert Horvath

On the Mikuni carb setup:

I posted this to see if there was much interest in this project and I see that there is…..So I’ll work up a price for the setup.

Would you karters get your own carbs off ebay like this one ? :

Or would you like the Mikuni carb, air box inlet adapter, primer system, gasket, nuts & bolts, throttle cable bracket , custom intake manifold and V force 3 reed box as a complete system ?

Probably not cheap when all added up ?

The intake manifold is about 1/2 inch thick someone asked.

The Carb is a generic replacement carb for my 1995 Polaris triple carb 750 cc watercraft (JetSki). see photo down below :
3 carb JetSki setup

3 carb JetSki setup

Each carb feeds each 250 cc cylinder.

The Jetski has such tremendous throttle response I thought I give it a try on my Honda shifter….It works well so far and I’ll keep you posted after much more track testing of the setup.

I do see now after track testing that I have to set the popoff pressure much lower.

Ocono Bob

Thank You
Robert Horvath

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