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andy graham

in stock form on the sea doo they were black bodied carbs, the buckshots and the red tops were silver bodied like in your pic…I was thinking more about this yesterday — we never used the carb mounted fuel pump, they make (made) a block off plate to remove the pump and allowed you to run the big mikuni external pump…and I forgot all about the guys who were considered “The Best” when it came to pwc carbs — Novi.  Buckshot got fancy and made manifolds, big (50mm) billet bodied carbs, linkage etc….Novi stuck to carbs and man were they awesome.  Easy to tune.  Pretty sure Buckshot is gone or has moved on…last I heard he was building dune buggies in SOCAL, but even that was a long time ago…the guy in FL making red tops has been gone for a long time also, I think the name of his company was True Cad Designs…they’re out there somewhere, hope this is at least a little helpful….good luck.