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andy graham

those SBN38’s were stock on the Sea Doo 785 engine back in the 90’s…there were a couple of companies that were known for modding those carbs to get some serious results…I remember Buckshot was kinda like the Swedetech of jetski racing when it came to carbs, and there was a company in FL called Red Top that changed the fuel distribution from a nozzle/sprayer to an angular distribution…I ran both set ups, I had better luck with the buckshots than the red tops, and I think they started as 38s and then had a bigger venturi pressed in as the mod….I bet if you search ebay for “sea doo xp carb” you’ll find plenty…there was also a place in Miami called PPG (Perry Performance Group) that did their own mod on the stock carbs on the 785s with good results….just food for thought