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Robert Horvath

Update > on the onboard
Carburetor Adjusting Tool


I’m going see if I can modify for permanent installation a couple of these carb adjustment tools pictured down below to bring the Mikuni carb mixture low & high speed adjustment screws up to the front of the Honda CR125 cylinder head so maybe the driver could adjust the Carb on the fly instead of coming into the pits for a adjustment.
Carburetor Adjusting Tool
The carburetor adjusting tool has a flexible cable to easily access often hard to reach carb adjustment screws.
Carb Screw Adjusting Tool Part Number 53-999 $24.95 each.

Here is a photo of two of them attached to the new Mikuni jet ski carb on the Honda Shifter.
Carburetor Adjusting Tool

Blue for the low speed mixture adjustment… and …Red for the high speed mixture adjustment.

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