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patricia hechler

Congratulations go to road racer Bruce Peck!  You won the raffle for a $25 gift card of your choice.  Please just let me know here or via email or whatever method you know of to let me know what type of card you would like.  I thank you most sincerely for your wonderfully kind donation to the National MS Society and I want to pass on my thanks to your wife for allowing us to ride in her honor.  She is truely a wonderful person.  Please tell her that the team says, “Hi”!

Donations can be made to my link through September 23rd, so if the MS cause moves you and you’d like to make a difference, please just click on the above link.

I would like to thank karters Bill Anderson, Carl Swanson, Bruce Peck, John Burgess and my Dad, Chuck Heinrich, for making contributions to such a wonderful cause.  Thank you Dart Kart Member Kathy Hayden for your unwaivering support these past two years.  It humbles me that you support this cause and I appreciate your friendship very much!  Thank you ekartingnews for allowing me to post this ride that I have made in honor of two karting friends, Trish Peck and Gary Ellis.  Thank you to Nick Wong, a fellow karter who drove from Chicago to ride this cause with us.  I am amazed and beyond thankful to each and every one of you for making a difference to those who suffer from multiple sclerosis.  Thank you, thank you thank you.  I have always maintained that karters are the most gracious giving people that I know and I see this proof with every MS ride.