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Sean Ranchbari

woah! so many replies


Okay cool, I got the homologation and class issues down, and trust me, I’ve read all those sites a plethora of times!

I’ve visited VKP, and though they did seem helpful, I also felt very guilty taking their time up as the shop seemed to have only about 2 workers on hand that day. Answering some knucklehead’s questions is probably something they don’t enjoy doing, and for that, I really appreciate everyone’s help on here.

Regarding the WKA tech/membership, would it be best to get one this year or wait it out, as the season is almost over, and get it next year so as to maximize the amount of time on-season that I am a member? This seems more important with the tech manual, in case they update anything between 2013-2014 that I would otherwise miss, having a season old manual?