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Tim Koyen


The Leopard 1 & 2 also applies to the WKA sprint racing series, Manufactures Cup.  In sprint racing, you race both days for a single points championship at the end of the year.

Most any safe kart that meets the dimensional specs will be fine.  There are plenty of great tracks and clubs in the Midwest where folks would be willing to help make sure you’ve got what you need to compete.  Based on your profile, I see that you’re in Northfield, IL, which is a really great location, since there are several tracks within a couple hours as well as kart shops.  The closest shop to you is probably Viking Kart Products in Carol Stream.  Then there is CKT Racing in St. Charles.  A little further is Franklin Kart in New Berlin, WI and JET Karting in South Bend, IN…both of which are top notch.  There is also a nice track at JET Karting.

While the WKA national series is one of the major national series, there are others, as well as regional series.  You might want to give a regional program like the Route 66 Sprint series a visit.  Its a good place to get your feet wet before jumping into a national event.  Route 66 is hosting its last race of 2013 at Mid-State kart club in Springfield, IL this weekend if you’ve got a day to kill.  That regional series is almost as big as a WKA Man Cup race, so you get a good idea of how it all works.

Here are a few useful websites…







Best of luck and feel free to email me at tim@kartlift.com or call my shop if you have any more questions. 877-777-8020.  I’m always willing to help new people get involved in karting.


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