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Clark Gaynor Sr.

Shayan, on the 1 &2 thing, this refers to WKA Road racing.  Where Stock Leopard Final #1 races Saturday and #2 races Sunday, that’s the only difference.  Same karts, same drivers, same rules.  It just gives those drivers a class to run each day without changing anything.  Same with Stock Honda, Unlimited, etc.  And as Brian noted above, in the Tag classes (where stock Leopards are legal) they attempt to equalize the various  Tag engines by differing the weights.  In Stock Leopard, only stock Leopards are legal, and a nice class to start in.

Stock Leopard is an entry level class in WKA Road Racing, so no previous racing experience “should” be required.  Unlike many other classes which do require so level of experience.  Eg:  Stock Honda, Unlimited, Controlled, etc.  But even in entry level classes, you’ll need to apply for a road race license through WKA.

Join WKA, make sure you request a current Tech Manual and read through it.  Get back to us (or WKA, or your local WKA affiliate club) with any questions you might have.

Have fun,

Clark Sr.