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Mike Clark

Well, first off I am no expert at all. I know anything can be fixed but not necessarily in a cost effective manner. It looks bent fairly far back from the pics.

I would locate a shop that says it can fix it & get a price. Compare that to a used roller. You might come out ahead on a used roller due to the extras that you get. What you have to watch on repairs is the the scope of the repairs quoted becomes more than they thought & you end up with a bill close to what a used roller would have been. Of course used can have problems too. I have not been in this game long but have seen a lot of used ‘race ready’ karts that aren’t. “all you have to do is add gas & go” is a good way to take a ride on the crash wagon. Sometime parts for older kart are a pain to get also, brake pads being one. It can usually be worked around by pulling out your wallet and some sweating, but that’s racing.

Either way good luck on this. I would love to follow the outcome. I know some guys here (New Orleans)  that have rollers for sale if you decide to go that route, but seeing what you can do locally makes sense.