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Brandon Ryan

I actually just looked the SmartyCam for this thread. While it does look to be an awesome tool, I would go with a GoPro, better yet the 3 GoPro’s you could buy for one SmartyCam.


Place them on your kart in locations where you can see what you are doing while you race, and you can edit them side/side to see where improvements can be made, and why. Also you will be able to develope better form, and see where it needs to be tweaked.


You could buy 3 GoPro 3 Silver editions, and all mounts required, (I suggest Helmet, Front fairing and front bumper) for the price of 1 SmartyCam. Granted you dont get the telemetry but if you have a mychron system you don’t need it.


Also you can buy the black, but i don’t feel there is enough advatage over the silver to warrant the extra price, I have owned both.

Also I would set them up to where the Helmet catches your driving, the front fairing catches your feet, and the front bumper catches your seat position (facing you not the track).


Again only my advice, and if some of my terminology is incorrect, I do not race karts, neither do I own one, yet.  But this is what we did in our SCCA cars, and we saw vast improvements because we were able to see where they needed to be made. I have to assume, purely ignorant to kart racing, that this theory would work the same.


Hope this helps,