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tony zambos

The post for the video says RaceRender 2.7.3.  A couple minor of things, but you should be aware of.  You will have to export your logger data.  The documentation is good and available on the RR web site. See http://racerender.com/RR2/Features.html. For the option to display the track map, you will need a GPS unit. Pay attention to the bottom of the web page for the output formats.  No problem for a pc usable type output, but if you have a pc running earlier than Win7, but will not be able to create an MPEG (Mac) formatted file. But there is software available to do that.  The time it take to generate a video will depend on your pc.  For me, a thirty minute vid takes 4-6 hours.  Something for your pc to do while you’re at work or asleep.

For mounting to your fairing, use the top half of the roll bar mount. Looks the same as the  handle bar mount, but thicker material.

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