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johnny brooks

+1 for Honda.

Ohm’s Law – volts X amps = watts

Is the track your only use? Does your house lose power during storms?

Honda 1000 is lightweight, quiet and will power your lights, computer & fan.

Honda 2000 is 47 lbs. and can handle a small window A/C unit as well.

I have the Honda 3000 (2800 watts) and it runs my rooftop RV style A/C (13,500 BTU) and lights, etc.  Just have to cut the A/C off to run the air compressor. It weighs 125 lbs. and is on wheels.

For power outages it runs my fridge, Plasma TV, window A/C, and a few lamps.

The only problem I’ve ever had is bad gas…..today’s crap gas with ethanol goes bad way too quick. Get in the habit of running your gen every few weeks, and use Sta-bil.

If storage is necessary, run the thing outta gas & squirt a little oil in the cylinder.

Ethanol is for drinkin!