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Bill Wright

Hi John,

Thanks for the comments.

I want to again emphasize that this PROPOSAL is for the FWT Rotax events format, ONLY!

The format I’ve PROPOSED for the 2014 FWT Rotax events is the same format as one currently used in the Final Phase of the 2013 European CIK Championships. Not sure why they changed their format, but they did.

Since the race-day-format we’ve used at FWT for the past several years is the format formerly used in the Final Phase of the European CIK Championships I thought I should consider adopting their new format.

However, I don’t have to follow their format. I was just suggesting that it could make things more interesting, without adding to an already overburdened schedule, and without reducing the number of laps FWT competitors get during an event-weekend.

So far I’ve only received two private comments, both pointing out that this format could see someone make it to the pre-finals, but not the final.

Again, I don’t want to see any comments here suggesting other formats. I’m only interested in hearing comments related to the implementation of the PROPOSED format.

As with all the TENTATIVE information I will use these comments to make a final decision for the release of the OFFICIAL information, no later than Oct. 1.