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Benn Herr

A Toyota Double Cab with the long bed (8ft) and the 5.7 liter V8.

It will run you about 31K but they have a bunch of deals going on right now so you could get it down to 28K pretty easy. But before you buy one – drive it – and park it. Not too bad if you can pick your spots to park but sometimes you’re stuck with what’s left.

Looking at the Toyota site they say they don’t have any  Double Cab, Long Beds in my area, that I’ll have to see a dealer. When I bought mine (I bought a 2008 in 2009) they were very happy to sell one of these giants. Maybe that’ll give you a little leverage.

When I load mine it’s on a sloped driveway so I roll in until the heights almost match. You want the truck to be a little higher than the stand. At the track it’s generally 3 to 6 inches higher than any stands. Just wheel the stand over to the tailgate and lift the front wheels on. Then grab the rear bumper, and lift and guide the kart forward.

With the stock tires on it the tailgate is around 33 inches on flat ground. The tires are 31 or so inches tall just skinny looking. I’d stay away from the big tires. They usually make it drive bad and kill mileage. They also cost a ton of money and may cause local law enforcement to pay closer attention to your driving “style”….