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Spencer Uzri

While a trailer is certainly nice to have, I manage without one & saved some cash.  I have a ’93 Silverado extended cab with camper shell.  Because of the shell, I can’t shelf it like Cory due to the limited headroom, but the bed is wide/long enough to fit the kart by removing the side & nose pods.  The bed can still accommodate miscellaneous stuff, & the extra cab space allows for stowage of tools, the CIK pods, gas & air cans, etc.

A key piece of the puzzle is the “kart carrier” I bought from Tim Koyen to carry my KartLift along.  It locks into the hitch receiver to carry the stand at the back of the truck.

The key is having a bed big enough for the kart.  Figure L x W of approx. 6′ x 5′.  Keep in mind, a 53″ wide CIK rear bumper isn’t – & shouldn’t be – a quick detach component, so if your kart has one, that will determine the min. bed width you’ll need.